Monday, 29 January 2018

It's been a long time coming ......

Well.  Blimey.  It's now 2018.  Where has the time gone?  I have to confess that this poor little blog fell by the way side along the way over the last few years.  We now have a teenager in the house, and  Master Stardust who is nearly 3 and they take up most of our time.  We've moved to the outskirts of Farnborough, but that hasn't put of my lovely customers, and my cakes are still going down well (I hope!) :)

So.  Why the resurrection of this blog?

This.  This is the reason.

Before Christmas, I was gifted an amazing planner (thanks Sis!) called 'The Maker's Yearbook 2018'.  My sis has this belief in me and my cakes, and decided I needed to do something a bit more solid about it.  It was the push I needed to refocus and regroup and make some decisions.

I first started baking for fun back in 2011.  Wow.  7 years ago.  And I am sad to admit that I don't think I've progressed my skills as much as I could have done in that time.  Ok, so having just scrolled clllllllll the way back through my Facebook page to find my first 'celebration cake' back in 2012, I can see that maybe I've progressed a little bit ..... :D

But, I haven't got the skills I think I should have by now.  Partly through a lack of confidence, a lack of time (the poorest of excuses really), prioritising cash flow (cake courses are always bottom of the list unfortunately), blah, blah, blah......... I decided I needed to stop making excuses, decide what I wanted to do, and do something about it!  This planner has been brilliant in helping me make a start in figuring out what I want and how I want to get there.  I make small daily goals, and long term plans.  I focus a week at a time, which is much more manageable.  I'm learning to value my time more.  And my brain is constantly buzzing with 'I really want to have a go at ....' ideas!  It's wicked!  Are there any other 'Makers' out there?  What do you think of the planner?

So, apologies in advance.  One of my goals is to brain dump once a month about what I've been up to!  I'm not going to post lots of pictures of the cakes I've been making.  Go follow my Facebook page and you'll see them on there.  This is more about me.  My personal 'cakes' development.  Warts and all.   And I don't doubt that there'll be some failures along the way too, so of course I'll post them too for you all to laugh at!  Macaron's, I'm coming to get you this year!!

Much love
Kristy x