Sunday, 6 January 2013

It's not supposed to look like that .......

I know, I know ....... you wait an eternity for a blog post and 2 come along in the same day!  What can I say - it'll probably be a few days until I have something interesting to write about again so I'm making the most of it! :)

It's a Sunday.  The last day of the school Christmas holidays (for me anyway - Ms Stardust is off school tomorrow on an inset day) so a family day full of warmth was required.  I've been LOVING a Facebook page called Baking Hot Christmas since it was launched, and bookmarked a recipe they featured from 'Pink Lemonade Bakery' called 'Toffee Apple Cinnamon Cake'.   When I saw it my tummy immediately went 'Mmmmmmmmm', and I've been meaning to try it ever since.  For reference, this is what it's *supposed* to look like .....

So I followed all the instructions, put a paper liner in my new Pampered Chef loaf baker (mmmmmm - I have to admit to having a bit of a PC obsession..... but I digress ..... ) and tipped the mixture into the liner.  I had to admit at this point that I might have had too many apples.  The recipe didn't actually give a weight, it just said '2 cooking apples', and mine looked like they might have come from the land of giants!  But I thought it would be ok ..... Hmmmmm ...... maybe not.

The recipe states to put it in the oven for 1 hour.  Well, an hour goes by and it's still gooey in the middle, so it goes back in for another 20 minutes, then another 10 minutes.  The skewer is clear in parts and not so clear in others, but I figure that it might be hitting apple so leave it to cool.  About 20 mins later I get it out of the stone, and all of a sudden it starts making a bid for freedom - it's not cooked!!!  ARGH!!  So I throw it back into the oven, but forget about it *cue swearing* and don't get it out until 30 minutes later.  Needless to say it was somewhat toasty on the top.  But at least it kind of holds its' shape.  Unfortunately when I cut it, it's more like a pudding than a lovely cake.  Oh well.  That's what custard is for !!

And yes, I will share the evidence of my failure with you - why not!  Answers on a postcard as to what went so wrong are greatly appreciated!

Happy Baking :)
K x 


  1. I bet it still tasted fab though! I have had a few baking mishaps, usually my error lies in trying to convert US measures to ours.
    I don't think I have written on my blog since July either, and really should do - add that to my growing list of things to do in 2013!

  2. too many apples, you knew that already. next time pick normal sized apples, or triple the recipe! I did that once with a carrot cake and we needed a spoon to eat it, it was cooked but more like a very soft boiled pudding than a cake.

  3. Definately Denise! Gives me an excuse to try it again though :)