Monday, 25 June 2012

The Beginning .....

To quote one of my little Miss Stardust's favourite films ..... 'This could be the start, of something new ...' .

So I decided that Stardust Cupcakes needed to venture into this whole blogging universe.  I'm not usually lost for words, but I've sat here for 10 minutes staring at the screen wondering where to start, so I guess I'm going to have to start by apologising in advance for any wombling around.  If I go off the point, please feel free to push me back in the right direction >:o).  I use smiley faces and LOL a LOT, so if those drive you mad, please go get a cup of tea  and a slice of cake and come back in a bit  - you'll learn to ignore them, honest!

So, this blog.  What's it all about then?  Well, I guess the name kinda gives it away, but I'm a cupcaker!  Well, actually, I'm a pre-school practitioner with a love of photography, and an obsession with cupcakes :)  I'll be telling you about my adventures in cupcaking - the highs and (of course) the lows (if we can't laugh at ourselves every now and then, all hope is truely lost lol), the cakes themselves, and the other stuff that comes with it.  Like the excitement at finding a ring binder and notebook with 'Keep Calm and Bake Cakes' on them while out shopping in The Range and the weekend, and cupcake flavoured sweeties at The American Sweet Company in Aldershot.  See?  I warned you ...... obsessed ...........  >:o)


  1. Can't believe you were in Aldershot and you didn't come to see lil old me, even tho you were only 5 mins from me at one stage. I live just down the road from the American Sweetshop. And I work just opposite The Range at the church hall! :( lol (not that I was around... I was in Fleet doing a First Aid course!)